Why Amazon Sucks For Sellers

I used to import fashion accessorize from china and sold them on Amazon. I built up his business over many years.


After I got banned from Amazon I lost everything. I had a great working Amazon store with 100% positive feedback and in addition to that didn’t have any bad feedback and anyone that try to employ feedback pressure to him would get block and I would refund him.

However far along I found that I wasn’t supposed to do so, I had a lots of struggle as I merely sell OEM goods and I found that some of my  competitors would be purchasing merchandise from me and return it broken or try to give me negative feedback or open chargeback cases which got my Amazon seller account blocked at the end.

I had around $12,000 per month profit and I was employing the profit to rent stores in order to get his merchandise. When Amazon blocked me from selling I lost everything.

Nowadays I am not working in the same industry and I am not making a quarter of the money that I was generating before. I would like to know why I was singled out, no one gave me a reasonable reason.

I have spoken to countless people who had the same issues with selling on Amazon, and the solution to overcome the Amazon account suspension seems to be to re-open an account but you have to file an LLC, which is a limited liability corporation.


You would also need to pay annual taxes as you would with any other business,  you would also need to use somebody else’s home address whether it be a friend and aunt and uncle or acquaintance and if so you will have to buy a new computer and if you were using a broadband service you will have to discover additional means for changing  your IP address.  Amazon will block your IP. This is the only way you can stop Amazon from suspending  your account again.






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