9 thoughts on “My Experience Using The Thompson & Cooper Appeal Agency

  1. Do you know more about how they use a seller’s inventory profile?
    I.e. you need to do one for one with existing asins, or something like that?
    P.s. We’ve been suspended since 8/13 , filed appeal 8/16 , told to expect a response In 24hrs 2nd account was linked on 8/18, did not file appeal, not even sure what I’d say.

    Still no response on first accounts appeal, but I don’t feel confident now that 2nd account linked.

    You think the Beat Amazon Suspension guide will work in my case?

    1. The only way to change your inventory profile is by adding some dummy
      products. Dummy listings are items you price so high nobody will ever buy them.
      Just add 4-5 different asins, 1-3 items for each asin is enough.

      Yes, the Beat Amazon Suspension guide will work no matter for what your reason Amazon banned your account.

  2. If i create a fan page of my product on my old computer on faceook\twitwe\pinterest and I publish the link of my Amazon product is that ok?

  3. I’m curious on this as this keeps happening. I’ve just lost my 9th amazon account and this is getting a bit much as they hold the funds for 90 days. I will give the Beat Amazon Suspension guide a try.

  4. I have a question my account is up and running for over a month now sold only 2 items. Im signed up for the $40 a month fee to sell in a certain category got approved and everything. I was wondering I list about 20 items a week is that listing to fast or is that ok? I have about 100 items currently listed

  5. I have crafted the appeal letter but it was not complete as they replied to me first. They told me I have listed against detail page, misclassiied condition of the books and had irresponsive customer service. They asked me what can I do to prevent complaints and irresponsive customer service? I have added more points and they rejected completely. And told me they can correspond further.

    I have almost deleted my old plan, and have started all over, using tempate My Amazon support.. I have added more points to customer service, including using softaware, deleted all instructors editions – that did not exactly match the detail page ( the same content, but slighty different cover), created 3 point policy for company – how to correctly list items according to Amazon detail page and classify items according condition – never put items without shrink wrap and access codes into new category.
    I dont now what else to say in this fields…
    I found Your template very thougtfull and wisely crafted.
    1. Do I need to be exacty to the letter as it says there or I can take some ideas and say it my way – since I already have similiar statements in my current appeal?
    2. I have not sent anything to FBA as it says in Your template – so I will need to change it according to my situation, right? I WILL BE doing such and such by FBA – correct?
    3. Implementing automated sustem – it means software that send text to the phone immediately when customer sends it?
    4. Our main traffic comes from FB ads, however we also run GoogleAd – this is how to promote Your stuff from Amazon or from its different platforms?
    5. Our supplier sends to FBA inspection…Is it within FBA department or it means its coming to You first and U inspect before sending…
    6. I never had issues with tracking so I will need to skip that section, right? Can I say instead I will rely on FBA to better manage returns ( I had 2 claims because the carrier delayed/ lost returns and customers filed claims…)

    1. It’s still worth trying to appeal after your 3rd suspension. You have nothing
      to loose, in the worst case you will have to open a new Amazon account.

      If you know your supplier is reliable there is not need to check the inventory
      before it is send to FBA. Adding to the letter that you will rely on FBA to
      better manage returns will work fine.

  6. Does it matter what billing address I use for the sole proprietorship filing and the new bank account? Does it need to be different from my previous Amazon billing address if I use a different credit card than I used before?

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