One thought on “My Amazon Seller Nightmare

  1. Hiya, I feel your pain as I am currently battling amazon seller too. I set up an account hoping to earn money by selling on amazon, but my account was suspended from day 1 so I wasn’t even able to list anything. I sent multiple emails asking for for help, but my cases were never resolved and never got any replies. The thing is, I was paying for my account as normal, but couldn’t use it. So I decided to close it. It’s been 3 months now since I began the closing process, but nothing is moving forward, I am still being charged and no-one is replying to the 100s of emails I’ve sent. My account keeps saying that my credit card details are incorrect so amazon can’t transfer my refund for all the months I’ve paid, but I find it funny cos they seem to be correct enough to let them take money of me.

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