Don’t Make Those Mistakes When Selling on Amazon

Becoming a seller on Amazon is simple; all you need to do is to register, take pictures of the product you want to offer, list your product and start selling.


This will be the happiest thing for every individual until someday when the seller’s account got banned by Amazon for a reason best known to them.

The first thing that will run through your mind is “why the account was banned”; some might even think it’s the work of hackers; meanwhile, it is the seller’s fault. Amazon is known to banning seller’s account unexpectedly without a proper explanation but it is always a mistake made by the seller by violating the terms and conditions or rules of selling on Amazon. There are some reasons why Amazon ban seller’s account and below are the most common reasons:

  • Selling of prohibited products:

This is the common reason why Amazon banned seller’s account. Amazon has the list of prohibited and restricted items not to sell. All sellers are advised to go through the list properly before listing their product for sale on Amazon. Most of the prohibited items include weapons, government documents, used clothing, adult only content, alcohol, credit cards and lot more. The full list is available on Amazon at the policy agreement when users are opening a new account.

  • Fake customer reviews

Amazon love to have all products on their website to be perfect for the customers. Previous customer reviews plays important role in product rating, it is used to determine the reputation of the seller. Once buyers open up a product page, they will read the previous user’s feedbacks to determine if the product worth spending money on. Product rating needs to be determined by the volume and quality of the sales the seller made. This makes sellers hire someone or use another account to post reviews by themselves in order to improve the rating of their products and boost sales. Once Amazon notices a fake customer review, it will get the seller’s account banned.

  • Continuous Negative feedback

Buyers are entitled to leave their feedback after purchasing a product on Amazon; this is to help judge the quality of the good and services provided by the seller. It will help other buyers to know how satisfied the previous buyers are after purchasing the product. A feedback can be post in positive, neutral or negative; all this are monitored by the moderator and any seller with continuous negative feedbacks will eventually get their account banned.

  • Counterfeit goods

Amazon expects every product on their website to be good quality and original product (this is also written in their policy). There are some fraudulent sellers who will intentionally claim to be selling good quality but the products are either fake or different product entirely. These sellers are scammers and they are hard to recognize. But once a complaint was made to the Amazon staff, the seller’s account is at risk of getting banned.


Once an account is banned by Amazon, opening another account is not the solution to the problem as Amazon monitors all information of new users from their bank account information, type of product and also the address. If similarity is found between the banned account and the new account, the account will be ban within days.


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