Amazon Treats Sellers & Affiliates Like Dirt

No wonder that Amazon has changed the life of a lot of people, many times for good and may times for bad as well. I have experience of being in such a situation that totally changed my life.


When I was 18, I started to import home accessories from Indonesia (that is where I used to live). I was making a good profit out of my business selling on Amazon. I started buying, home accessories at a wholesale rate and then I used to put those goods on Amazon for selling purposes so that people from all around the world can buy it.

My goods started gaining attention a lot of attention from customers on Amazon. I started my business on Amazon in 2005, where initially I was not getting that much profit, which I was hoping for, because of which I started losing hope that I will make it big in this virtual world of successful business. However, I was wrong, right after eight months, some of my products got so popular that people were demanding for it again and again.


For the whole eight years, I was the within the top 10 000  sellers on Amazon. My Amazon shop gained so much popularity  that I was really making serious money.  start ordering my home accessories every time they need something for their home.

But everything changed, when Amazon came up with their new policies for sellers.

Some of the new policies included unwarranted account suspending, which affected many small and medium amazon business sellers who got their account  banned.

Lack of communication, management issues etc. made it virtually impossible at that time to get  any seller account reinstated. Amazon even started banning some account based on suspicion. I really don’t why, but I got my seller account  banned  from Amazon. That was the worst day of my life; I was shocked that my Amazon account was suspended for no particular reason which was good enough to ruin my life.

All my hard work of eight years was just gone like that. That was the year, I was making huge profit from it and just because of some changes to the policies, my dream was shattered in just few minutes. My professional life has totally got ruined, and I don’t know what next to do.

I wish such policies were not introduced, which has ruined lives of many small businessmen.



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